Lavander in Provence

Discover Lavender in Provence Through the products, culture, festivals and traditions in Provence

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Abbaye de Senanque Lavande

Lavander in Provence

Abbaye de Senanque Lavande

Abbaye de Senanque Lavande

Products, Culture, Festivals and Traditions

1 – Come to Mas de la Chouette to see our Lavandin plants and aromatic plants
2 – A little bit of botany on Lavender and Lavandin
3 – The flowering of Lavender and Lavandin
4 – The culture of Lavender and Lavandin is an important economic activity for Provence
5 – Use of Lavender and Lavandin
6 – Lavender & Lavandin economic interests
7 – Where are the lavender and Lavandin fields located in Provence?
8 – The most popular places
9 – Lavender Festival in Provence

1 – Our cultures of lavandin and aromatic plants at Mas de la Chouette

We cultivate at the Mas de la chouette du lavandin and aromatic plants in the open fields on behalf of Regional Laboratories and for the sale and development of our natural products We are opening to the public this year 2020 our place of distillation of aromatic products Essential oils and Floral waters (see our photos in the Photos gallery and Videos gallery Videos)

2 – Lavender in Provence… A Plant with a thousand faces

Fine lavender, true lavender, aspic lavender or lavandin here are various names that designate the famous flowering plant which smells ” so good ”. Why so many names? There are several species of lavender, which have their own characteristics and are thus distinguished from each other. Lavandin is today the most common in cultivated fields, it is a natural hybrid of Lavender which retains properties and a scent close to fine or true Lavender. Fine lavender, true lavender, and aspic lavender are wild species from nature found in Provence in its natural state, its olfactory and medicinal qualities recognized as the basis of many perfumes and many preparations of aromatherapy for decades.

3 – The flowering of Lavandin and Lavandin

As every year, lavender flowers following the places exploited between the beginning of July and the end of August in Provence. Lavender and its hybrids are rather flowers of altitude, they grow according to types between 0 and more than 1000 meters above sea level in the garrigue in their natural state and mainly in the south of France.

4 – The culture of Lavender and Lavandin is an important economic activity for Provence

At the center of numerous writings on aromatherapy, regional texts (Giono), or French novels. and foreign (English or Japanese) It drains many visitors every year who want to discover Provence (its climate, its sun, its colors, the Provencals and its lavender. In Provence products of the land, traditions and culture are often intimately linked. At the time of flowering and cutting are organized festivals, markets, shows, demonstrations, demonstrations through picking, distillation, craft markets, and festive meals. These moments of conviviality are there to share these traditions with the natives and the people of passage.

5 – Use of Lavender and Lavandin

This plant is so special that it has been known since antiquity. These properties are antispasmodic, sedative, diuretic, healing and antibacterial (Wikipedia) Its virtues are therefore used in Aromatherapy. Its characteristic perfume has been used in perfumery since the 1950s in the Provençal region thanks to the rise of perfumery in the town of Grasse in the Alpes-Maritimes.

6 – Lavender & Lavandin economic interests

Lavender is less productive than lavandin. Fine lavender or lavender is more fragile and produces less essential oil than Lavandin selected for its productivity. Lavender generates around 100 Tons / year Lavandin generates around 1000 Tons (a factor of 10 in terms of quantity). It takes about one hectare of Lavender to produce 15 kg of essential oil and the same area produces 80 Kg of Lavandin essential oil.

Lavandula angustifolia the best lavender for the quality of its essential oil. In the wild, it grows naturally especially in Haute Provence above 700 to 800 meters above sea level. Robust, it withstands the climatic constraints of the dry mountains of Haute Provence. It is a bushy shrub up to 0.50 m tall. Only the essential oil from this production in a specific area benefits from the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC), lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence. There are approximately 4,000 hectares cultivated in 4 producing departments. ” Wikipédia

7 – Where are the lavender and Lavandin fields located in Provence?

The lavender production areas are located over a large area. I therefore advise you to get in touch with the tourist offices of the cities mentioned below. The tourist offices will indicate the flowering periods Organized visits Good practices for visiting the places without picking. The main lavender production areas in the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region are:

Around the town of Apt and the Luberon (department of Vaucluse) and the following towns and villages :

Ste Croix de Lauze
Lagarde d’Apt
Saint Christol

Around the town of Sault and Mont Ventoux (department of Vaucluse) and the following towns and villages ;

Sault Saint Trinit

Around the town of Forcalquier and Montagne de Lure (department of Alpes de Haute Provence) and the following towns and villages :

Simiane la Rotonde
Saint Etienne les Orgues

Around the town of Digne (department of Alpes de Haute Provence) and the following towns and villages:

Mézel Thoard
Pays du Verdon et plateau de Valensole
Allemagne en Provence
Saint Jurs Moustiers Sainte Marie
Saint André Les Alpes
La Mure-Argens

8 – The most popular places

1 – The Valensole plateau in the Alpes de Haute Provence

between Manosque, Gréoux les P uimoisson and Oraison baths. The Valensole plateau, lavender flowers from mid-June. It is the essential place to walk in the fields and photograph landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards! 800 km2 dedicated to the cultivation of cereals, almonds, lavender and olive trees. A beautiful patchwork of colors spreads out before the eyes of visitors. Valensole Tourist Office :

2. The Claparèdes plateau, Luberon (Vaucluse)

The Claparedes Plateau in the Luberon Massif culminates at around 820 meters above sea level, these areas are dotted with lauzes, bories and dry stone huts. It stretches over 10 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide. Lavender fields are present around the Sénanque Abbey and all around the small villages of the Parc du Lubéron. Small roads are fun to drive by car. Do not miss the visit of the Sénanque Abbey Cistercian monastery and the village of Gordes which overlooks the plain.

3. The Albion plateau (Vaucluse, Drôme)

The Plateau d’Albion is located in Haute Provence, between Mont-Ventoux, the Montagne de Lure and the Luberon. The Albion plateau is known for its magnificent countryside colored and tinged with the lavender blue. The Albion plateau spans 8 typical villages of Vaucluse, Drôme Provençale and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Sault is a hilltop village in Provence at an altitude of around 700 meters. On the plain which it dominates extend the fields of lavender. A path in the village allows you to walk to the Lavender fields. Sault is one of the three access points to the giant of Provence Le Mont Ventoux and the Gorges de la Nesque.
Where are the most beautiful lavender festivals

9 – Lavender Festivals in Provence

Lavender Festivals in Ferrassières le dimanche 05 juillet 2020

Lieu : Ferrassières, Le village
Terroir : Plateau d’Albion / Mont Ventoux / Drôme Provençale
Horaires : Toute la journée à partir de 9h30
Tarifs : accès libre
Contacts :

28th Lavender Festival of Valensole le dimanche 19 juillet 2020

Lieu : Valensole
Terroir : Parc Naturel du Verdon
Horaires : Toute la journée
Tarifs : Accès libre
Contacts : Organisé par l’asso A.V.E.C Vous, en partenariat avec les associations, la Mairie, et l’OT de Valensole. Infos: ou tel: +33 (0)

74th Lavender Corso of Digne les Bains on Friday. July 31 to Tuesday. August 4, 2020

Lieu : Digne les Bains, Boulevard Gassendi & Place Général de Gaulle
Tarifs : Accès libre
Contacts : Organisé par le Comité des Fêtes de Digne-les-Bains, email:

Sault Lavender Festival on Saturday August 15, 2020

Lieu : Sault, Hippodrome du Deffends
Terroir : Plateau d’Albion / Mont Ventoux
Horaires : Toute la Journée
Tarifs : Accès libre, parking & navettes gratuits
Contacts : Organisée par l’association “Lavandes en Fête” 84390 Sault; infos et inscriptions repas à l’Office de Tourisme de Sault +33 (0)4 90 64 01 21

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